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Why Parents Choose HOPE

Two Decades of Excellence

Parents choose the HOPE Christian Schools because they want the best for their child. They choose HOPE because they know that we turn today’s scholars into tomorrow’s leaders.

Our schools are designed to set students on the path to lifelong success, starting by preparing them for college. Each child’s success depends on us and we are confident that we can reach all children who are willing to put in the effort to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

With over 20 years worth of experience providing academic success, parents just like you trust HOPE Christian Schools.

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See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! 1 —John 3:1

When you know you are a dearly loved child of God, you live with a special kind of peace and security. HOPE Christian Schools wraps children in Christ’s love every day. Yes, we hold the bar high for our scholars. And we also support them as they reach higher.

The unconditional love of Christ builds confidence and motivates our staff and scholars to give their very best.


Your child has the ability to become everything God created him to be, everything she is uniquely gifted to do.

Research shows that a college education is the best way to career success and a secure financial future.

A HOPE education prepares scholars for the opportunity of college and helps them stay the course to and through the college journey. 


We grow character from the inside out, so it lasts beyond the classroom.

A HOPE education helps each child learn his or her Identity in Christ and live out a God-given Purpose in life. We regularly discuss and practice the Actions that grow character based on who we are and what we have been called to do in our lives.

HOPE scholars are motivated from within to become lifelong learners, inspirations to their families, and contributors to their communities.

Why HOPE is perfect for your child.

  1. Advanced Academics
    We offer an inclusive education that challenges and encourages students to pursue growth spiritually, academically, and emotionally. 
  2. Character Formation
    In Partnership with the Character Formation Project, we offer a Biblically-based journey that equips and trains children to live Christ-centered, fulfilling lives for Greater Purpose.  
  3. Dedicated Teachers
    We hire the best teachers at HOPE. We hire highly motivated teachers who inspire growth and innovative thinking in their classes, and who are some of the most intelligent and talented experts in their fields. Our teachers are dedicated to their students and care for their personal and academic growth, helping them to become outstanding scholars and citizens.

Why Character?

Character is an internal energy that inspires us to act, restrains us from acting, and gives us the wisdom or moral compass to know when each action is appropriate. Our character drives everything we do in life. When character is acquired and held internally, it leads to a virtuous life, lived for a Greater Purpose.