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Thank you for your interest in HOPE Christian Schools

If you are looking for private Christian education with free tuition and transportation, look no further than HOPE Christian Schools. With 5 convenient Milwaukee locations and 1 in Racine offering grades K4-8th, we have a place for your child.  

We believe in providing a high-quality education in a safe, supportive environment where teaching and learning are exciting.  We invite your family to become a part of our family at HOPE Christian Schools. 

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Why HOPE is perfect for your child.

Advanced Academics
We offer an inclusive education that challenges and encourages students to pursue growth spiritually, academically, and emotionally. 

Character Formation
In Partnership with the Character Formation Project, we offer a Biblically-based journey that equips and trains children to live Christ-centered, fulfilling lives for Greater Purpose.  

Dedicated Teachers
We hire the best teachers at HOPE. We hire highly motivated teachers who inspire growth and innovative thinking in their classes, and who are some of the most intelligent and talented experts in their fields. Our teachers are dedicated to their students and care for their personal and academic growth, helping them to become outstanding scholars and citizens.