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Student Support & Advising

Exceptional Student Services 

We want our students to be successful in the classroom and with their peers. When students need specialized instruction or related services support, we are able to provide some services to help them make progress in their educational program. Each school has a Dean of Instruction who works with teachers and families to ensure the unique needs of every student are met to the best of our ability. While we do not have an Exceptional Education Department or teachers of Exceptional Education, families can choose to work with the Child Find Office at Milwaukee Public Schools if they believe their child needs specialized services beyond what HOPE can provide. For more information, families can contact the Child Find Office at 414-874-8493.

College and Career Advising

HOPE High School has a College and Career Advisor who supports students in preparing for college and real world success. The advisor meets with students monthly to discuss college plans and offers services and guidance for composing resumes, using appropriate email etiquette, completing college applications, and doing the FAFSA. The College and Career Advisor also hosts FAFSA nights for families to help guide them through the process.

Loving Campus Chaplain

Each campus has a chaplain who assists with leading devotion, teaching the Christian Character Formation Project, and is available to meet with students to help support them with their spiritual development and social emotional growth. The chaplains are also available to provide spiritual support to our students’ family members.